AURANE Pro Formula

The Brand AURAN comes from word “AURAN” which means “beauful” under the hut AURAN’ beauty care brand. Our Brand name stands for :

A is for acts, the act shown how product work

U is for Ultra Smooth, that ultra shine and smooth your hair

R is for rich, in the best quality and latest trend material
A is for atachment with our

N is for noteworthy, just like

your achievements.

    • Our Chemists have experience m o r e t h a n 3 2 y e a r s o f experience and connuous research and development of new advanced acve products.

AURAN Philosophy

AURANE’s philosophy: Everything starts and ends with hairdressers.

We love what hairdressers love: Clients.

We think what hairdressers think: How to really improve client’s life quality by improving their confidence, and how to do this by improving their appearance.

We ask what hairdressers ask: What will become the most popular color this year? What hairstyles will make our clients smile more often than ever?

AURANE care about all of these.